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Armenian Memories! 

We had a very successful event at the Canadian Military Heritage Museum on March 23.

Our next event is up on September 28 and 29 at the Museum, downtown and at the Laurier Academic Centre.

Check out our Armenian Community Videos below.


Armenian Food in the New World (6:00)

Growing up Armenian in Brantford (12:14)

Armenian Names and their Evolution in Canada (4:11)

Surprising Discoveries in Research (9:39)

Full video of Rob and Sharon Gashgarian's Memories (16:40)

Full Video of Sol and Vicky Seraganian's Memories (29:58)

Full Video of Carl Georgian's Memories (18:37)

We have traveled through the rich legacies of immigrant communities...Jewish, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian. Now the story of Brantford's Armenian community is being told. The "Memories" project takes a deep dive into a community which results in a 2-day event with a historical exhibit at the Brant Museum, music, food, lectures and an original play, "Me, You and The Armenian". On September 28 and 29, we will be holding our Downtown Memories event that we have been working on over the past year. 

The story of the Armenian community in Brantford is a vibrant and passionate story. The first recorded mention of Armenians is in 1889. Colonel Henry Cockshutt's visit to Constantinople, 10 individuals were recruited and brought to Brantford.  

Starting with Massacres in 1892 through to the Armenian Genocide of World War 1, Brantford became known as a safe place for a thriving community of Armenians attracted to its factories. 

By 1908 there were 520 Armenians in Brantford. From a Titanic Survivor to a tragic Romeo and Juliet story, it is a tale of adventure and pride.  

Although Brantford was a significant stop in the Armenian diaspora, like many other immigrant stories, members of the community moved on to other stops. 

We are currently interviewing members of the community and searching for stories and artifacts. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the Armenian story, contact us.




View our videos about Brantford's Ukrainian Community

Carolyn Grinton and Sharon Gashgarian talk about their experience researching their Ukrainian heritage in this 25 minute video

Carolyn and Sharon come up with a mystery during their research in this 5 minute video

Sandy Paul talks about her family's contribution to the Ukrainian community in Brantford in this 25 minute video

Sandy Paul talks about the early years of the Ukrainian community in Brantford in this 5 minute video

Dave Levac talks about introducing legislation regarding the Holodomor Genocide in this 5 minute video




Our Chinese Project

You can view our video collection of memories from Chinese Elders (and families) about immigrating to Brantford below:

Hunter Liao, the president of the Chinese Association of Brantford talks about a recent immigration.

Warren Mark of the Oriental Restaurant remembers his time working in the restaurant and coming to Brantford.

Audrey Chin talks about her family coming to Brantford and growing up at the Shanghai Restaurant.

Dr. Christina Han introduces the key features of Brantford's Chinese Immigrant Community.

Helen and Henry Mark talk about going to school and growing up in Brantford.

The amazing story of Dr. Thomas Chiang  

Artist, Michael Chow talks about his time in Brantford

A Student's Journey with Wenjie Shen

Natalie Lu on becoming a teacher


Our Italian Project

Visit this link to see the podcast on September 30 with host, Dr. Christina Han, 

a 40 minute program featuring the exhibit, people and selected scenes from the play. 


 The following half hour videos are the

Memories of Brantford's Italian Community.

 Rose and Angie Risi's story of growing up at Maria's Pizza

Caesar Misiti's story of arriving as a teenager in Brantford

Fernando Forcucci remembers his work with the Order of the Sons of Italy

Tom Mercante describes his restaurant Mercasa and its ties to Italian culture

Fred Ligori describes his work with the San Rocco Committee

Franco Petrella talks about the Italian Villages

Dave Levac describes his ties and interest in the Italian community

Dino Liberati, Deo and Danny Dominicis tell the Castelli Bakery story

Peter Giordano describes his family's immigrant experience

Giovanni Petitti talks about his father's influence on his life

Linda Kuyper and Gene Pinchero - Growing up at the College Fruit Market

Josey Reid - Raised in the shoe business 

Rita Bonaccorso talks about her family's immigration to Canada

The Pignotta family and the amazing Louis Torti 

Anna Romano and Angie De Salvo describe "Nonna's Way"

Vito Agriesti talks about his journey to becoming a Master Tailor

Mary Thompson describes her contribution to World War 2


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