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If you would like to buy a ticket, register for a free event, make a donation or get an item from our store, visit here.  Please be advised that there are no tickets and/or reservations required for The Bell Summer Theatre Festival.  The Bell Summer Theatre Festival is affordable to all with our PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN * CASH ONLY system.  Simply show up on the date of the show (at least 15min prior to the show) and one of our friendly volunteers will attend at the pay-what-you-can area.  The earlier you get to the site, the more seating choices you will have.  It is first come, first served. There is a suggested minimum of $15 per adult and $10 per child/student, however, please be assured that we will never turn a patron away.  We value each and every one of our audience members and look forward to seeing you all again at the 2023 Season of the celebrated Bell Summer Theatre Festival!  All other Brant Theatre Workshop events require online registration.