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 About The Theatre Company

For the past seventeen years Brant Theatre Workshops has performed at Brantford’s Sanderson Centre, while touring our productions provincially nationally and internationally. 

The company is known for creatively combining heritage and theatre in unique locations such as Casa Loma, Sick Kids Hospital and the Brantford Armoury.

Working in partnership with the Bell Homestead, the Bell Summer Theatre Festival is a unique, community-driven event eagerly looked forward to by its audiences. It has been held annually for the last decade at the National Historic Site, The Bell Homestead. 

In 2019 we created 6 original scripts, performed over 50 performances for over 3,500 people and contributed over 3,000 volunteer hours. BTW also has an active education program, holding a successful children’s summer camp and providing over 60 workshops for teenagers in the arts.

Our productions often focus on heritage or social issues. During the pandemic, we were proud to partner with Grandview Theatre's  stellar production "Indisposable", a devise theatre production about Brantford's looming OPIOID epidemic, produced by Victoria Hudson-Muir and directed by Holly Bouillon Wood.

Comments about BTW productions

“Remarkable, captivating and incredibly haunting...”
Mooney on Theatre - Dracula, A Love Story - Casa Loma

“I came expecting a good show but it was awesome!”
Brantford Councillor Dave Neumann - Doing Our Bit - Sanderson Centre

“Little Women hits the mark.”
Brantford Expositor - Little Women - Bell Summer Theatre Festival

“What an incredibly moving performance”
Michelle Barthel Krattz - Generation - Niagara Arts & Cultural Centre, USA